Friday, 17 June 2011

The Fullness of Summer: what lies ahead...........

I took a long sabbatical.  It lasted through the winter and most of the spring and here on the cusp of summer -- I'm ready to plunge in again and start peeling back the layers. I don't know why I had to take such a long break but the winter of 2011 was a fierce one.  Like Persphone I was definitely underground.   The funny thing is that I didn't recall just how brutal it was till I downloaded some pictures off my camera and came across a few from our last tremendous blizzard in February -- the day after the debacle on Lake Shore Drive when 300 cars got stuck and the wind was blowing at 80 mph.

This is the view from my backporch -- around noon the next day --- when miraculously the sun came out and the world started to shovel. 

What lies buried from the melt, shall be revealed. 

It's too bad that I didn't take a picture of all the vats of soup I kept on my back porch during the winter.  The miniture frig we inherited at the Enchanted Annex is built for two 90 pound French anorexic sisters, don't ya know?  Even if I wasn't writing, I was a cooking fool.  What's been simmering these many months?  Let's find out.............

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